Chandelier Cleaning

When properly cared for, chandeliers make for effective light sources and stunning focal points in virtually any room or entryway. However, ensuring these magnificent light fixtures look their best involves much more than a once-over with a feather duster.
Chandeliers are available in an assortment of styles and materials, and they require a variety of chandelier cleaning methods and products to keep them looking their lustrous best. The chandelier cleaning professionals at Lakewood Window Cleaning have the experience, equipment, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to protect, restore and maintain the beauty of your chandeliers.
We take care to wash and wipe each crystal and the body of the chandelier by hand, retaining the beauty and value. We use a simple mixture of alcohol and distilled water, and lots of patience and elbow grease, to make your chandelier sparkle like new. We take care your whole house, protecting items below the chandelier from droplets with towels and and by using our special indoor-only ladders.

Why Choose Lakewood for Professional Chandelier Cleaning in Dallas?

Hand Detailing

For a deep clean and like-new sparkle, we clean and polish every piece of the chandelier by hand.

Safety and Insurance

Attempting to clean a hanging light fixture on your own can be dangerous and poses the risk of personal injury and/or damage to your home. Our chandelier cleaning experts have extensive safety training and are fully insured.

Eco-friendly products

Our chandelier cleaning solution is odor-free, environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for your home, family & pets.


Don’t let just any contractor into your home! You can rest assured, knowing that we are licensed, insured, and we have been fully screened and approved by Home Advisor.

Schedule a Chandelier Cleaning

Whether your chandelier has simply lost its luster or you want to add some extra sparkle for the holidays or a special event, contact us to schedule a cleaning.
Chandelier cleaning service in Dallas TX

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