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Extremely pleased.The owner, Blaine Rush, responded immediately when I booked the coupon. He arrived on time, worked quickly and was done in just a little over one hour. My windows, doors and sidelights have never looked better! Blaine also cleaned a skylight that had lots of staining from the trees. I was so pleased I asked to be put on his reminder list for the spring.

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When it comes to window cleaning, there are a host of benefits that you and your family can enjoy. Aside from enjoying a beautifully clean and brand-new looking set of windows, you will be able to take part in a healthier environment.

Many times, we are surprised to see how dirty windows can become, even when they are on the inside of homes. A lot of people disregard the fact that dust particles, smog, and pollen float around in the air then land and remain on the window panes and sills of the home, both on the inside and outside. With all of the germs floating around these days, it is important to make sure that we’re taking preventative steps to keep our families from running the risk of breathing in these pollutants by having our windows cleaned regularly.

Our Window Cleaning Process

When you call Lakewood Window Cleaning, we do more than just clean the windows!

First we remove the screen, this gives us a chance to examine the screen for damage or wear, then we clean out the exterior track. We then brush down the frames, removing debris and spider webs from around the window. We then wet in the window, and squeegee it clean. If the windows are unusually dirty we will do a surface scrub with nylon pads or steel wool, so it won’t damage the glass, then squeegee off the glass, leaving it spot and streak free. We then detail the window to remove water from around the edges and wipe down the window frames, leaving them much better looking.

We care about your house and your furnishings as much as your windows. We use ladders with rubber feet to protect the outside of your home, and wrap the tops of our special interior ladders to protect your interior paints and finishes. We wear fabric booties to protect your floors. And we take special care to protect your plants near the house.

We use biodegradable, USDA-approved cleaning products. Windows with hard-water stains are polished by hand, and when necessary, we scrape paint and other dried debris with a razor blade.

Some people enjoy the freshly cleaned window sparkle so much they get their windows cleaned every two to three months. We recommend having them cleaned at least twice a year, to avoid buildup (smog, dust, hard water stains) that can permanently etch the glass. We also will notice and notify you of any problems with or around the windows (such as broken seals, dry rot, broken panes, water leaks).

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Our windows are the cleanest they’ve been in years. I will use them in the future.

Windows So Clean You'll Think They're Open!

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